Write api documentation phpmyadmin

Comma-separated verbose name of the database servers. If this file exists, it will be loaded after configuration is generated from above environment variables, so you can override any configuration variable. Note that the supplied configuration file is applied after Docker environment variablesbut you can override any of the values.

Write api documentation phpmyadmin

If one of your databases becomes corrupt, you can attempt to repair it. To repair a database, perform the following steps: A new interface will appear, and the system will attempt to automatically repair the database.

When you modify database users, make certain that you modify the user's access to the correct database. Users may have access to more than one database. Click the appropriate icon in this column to rename or delete a database. Rename a database Warning: It is potentially dangerous to rename a MySQL database.

write api documentation phpmyadmin

We strongly recommend that you perform a backup of the MySQL database before you attempt to rename it. When you rename a database, the system terminates all active connections to the database. You must manually update configuration files and applications to use the new database name.

The system requires more time to rename larger and more complex databases. To rename a database, perform the following steps: The system creates a new database.

The system moves data from the old database to the new database. The system recreates grants and stored code in the new database. The system deletes the old database and its grants.

If any of the first three steps fail, the system returns an error and attempts to restore the database's original state. If the restoration process fails, the API function's error response describes these additional failures.

In rare cases, the system creates the second database successfully, but fails to delete the old database or grants. The system treats the rename action as a success; however, the API function returns warnings that describe the failure to delete the old database or grants.

Delete a database To delete a database, perform the following steps: Add a MySQL user After you create a database, add users to the database and configure their privileges.

You must create MySQL user accounts separately from mail and web administrator accounts.To manually create the file, simply use your text editor to create the file attheheels.com (you can copy attheheels.com to get a minimal configuration file) in the main (top-level) phpMyAdmin directory (the one that contains attheheels.com).

phpMyAdmin first loads libraries/attheheels.com and then overrides those values with anything found in attheheels.com You can also add a primary key to an existing table with ALTER TABLE or CREATE INDEX (in phpMyAdmin you can just click on ‘add index’ on the table structure page below the listed fields).

RFC. Request for Comments (RFC) documents are a series of memoranda encompassing new research, innovations, and methodologies applicable to Internet technologies.

write api documentation phpmyadmin

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3. In order to get it working, you first have to properly create the [[pmadb|pmadb]]. Once that is setup, select a table’s “Structure” page. Below the table definition, a link called “Relation view” is shown.

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If you click that link, a page will be shown that offers you to create a link to another table for any (most) fields. Now I'm setting up a relational database. With phpmyadmin I can write queries to get relational data. So I think the relational structure is OK. But I want to use this REST API to retrieve this data.

Can anyone help me with the syntax. I've tried the documentation on this site, but with no success. Note that phpMyAdmin uses Composer to manage library dependencies, when using git development versions you must manually run Composer. Please see the documentation for details. More Information.

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