What is the innovation business design model ibdm

Assume your The Coca Cola Company has made a strategic decision to become more innovative. Identify unknown problems and unmet opportunities before you develop an innovative strategy to address them.

What is the innovation business design model ibdm

The company can use an approach such as the one in the proposal, Innovation Business Design Model IBDMto create a 5-step roadmap University of Phoenix, when applying the steps to create a service innovation proposal.

Service Innovation Proposal Service can be described as performing a type of work, duty, or labor for a superior, manager, or a client and receive compensation for the work performed.

Service can be provided by any industry such as medical, bereavement, technical, hospitality, telecommunications, charities, retail stores, financial institutions, and public utilities. However, some companies can combine brick and mortar and the Internet to accomplish a goal of providing service for customers.

For a company to use service innovation, situational assessments and market analysis through flowcharts, graphs, interviews, surveys, trends, cultural awareness, and research are important to ascertain what people desire and how a company can assist people with better, easier, and more efficient service University of Phoenix, Legal and regulatory issues can drive service innovation due to new laws dealing with the Internet and e-business.

Some countries may have a law preventing an item being sold or bought over the Internet. The service industry can use prototypes such as mock-up restaurant and hospital backdrops to provide employees with the appropriate training to assist with job functions.

Technology can play a large role in service innovation today by providing a CGI computer-generated image or 3D image of a particular background and watch employees move around accordingly. This type of technology can assist the company with space planning and architecture. Service innovation can be known to receive the most innovative attention since outside observers, customers, and clients may focus on a particular product desired.

When focusing on service innovation, an IBDM 5-step roadmap can be used as a practical method for a company to see what people do and want during the daily life pattern.

Intelligent Office The service industry has become more competitive and innovative than ever. Intelligent Office provides a service for clients who work remotely from home while using laptops, Blackberries, and cell phones. The company follows a checklist by setting a direction through a vision and a corporate objective of effective customer service, using concentrated effort by providing a service that offers a competitive advantage, providing consistency through monitoring and leadership, and ensuring flexibility by watching trends, culture, and what the business will need both now and in the future Cooper and Press, In the first step, the owner of Intelligence Office, Ralph Gregory, was looking for a way to spend less time at the office and more time with the family.

As Gregory spent less time at the office, the idea of losing a receptionist, phone access, fax machine, and office space for meetings seemed meaningless professionally. Gregory, being an entrepreneur, assessed the situation by researching the internal and external business environment looking for an opportunity to innovate and create a more suitable way for business people to conduct business efficiently.

Gregory noticed an enormous amount of people globally were telecommuting or starting a home business. Business experts across different industries agreed this concept was going to be a permanent alteration in the workplace, and Gregory saw himself at the helm of a new entrepreneurial venture Intelligent Office, Intelligence Office will provide an organizational objective through a goal of providing a valuable service to business people, competitive assessment through customer service, market analysis by researching for service value and significance of the service being offered, technical requirements to see if the company had the expertise and knowledge to run this type of service, customer research would the service be used by business people?

Intelligence Office will create unique nuances by providing a service solely focused on providing customer service to business people through intellectual capital Cohen, of human capital such as using an innovative and creative idea, knowledge, skills, and expertise when conceptualizing a service for people.

In the second step, Intelligence Office identified and defined the problem and opportunity by researching the market while on a mission to see if the service was cost-effective, needed, practical, and valuable to business people.

The owner will use unique nuances by investigating if other business people encountered the same issues of needing only part-time office space. Gregory realized this idea would solve a problem for a business person and create an opportunity for both parties by providing a facility, various communications mechanisms, meeting rooms, and a mail service.

This service would create an incremental or radical improvement since it conceived a new approach to customer service for a business person. In the third step, Intelligence Office will use creative concept development by using unique nuances based on service and creative thinking techniques by providing a way for business people to use office space, receptionists, mail service, and a meeting facility.

The creative concept behind the company is that the price of service is flexible and affordable since the service is based on usage. Most businesses do not need a full-time office or a full-time receptionist; however, the need for a service to be available on a full-time basis can be valuable.

The company will use service specifications and human factors such as receptionists, meeting rooms, office support scheduling, data entry, order fulfillment, reservations, fax machinesmail service along with a prestigious business address, and provide executive offices for business meetings.

Clients are billed based on usage, making Intelligent Office incredibly cost-effective and clients can keep overhead very manageable. In the fourth step, Intelligence Office will build a prototype by providing a service in one city to test and evaluate the service.

The prototype was used to show business people that the service provided could relieve some of the stress that business people face on a daily basis and make conducting business simple and easy.

In the final step of implementation, validation, and refinement, Intelligence Office will need to evaluate the outcome of the creative concept development to determine appropriate enhancements, upgrades, service requirements, improvements, or terminations of a failed service.

The company will test for unique nuances by interviewing and examining the clients for opinions about customer satisfaction, services received, user-friendliness, facilities, mail service, equipment facsimile, computer, and server up-time and ask for recommendations for improvement on the service received University of Phoenix, Unique Nuances When a company applies the IBDM to a specific service innovation, specific nuances are essential to recognize.

What is the innovation business design model ibdm

When reviewing the service innovation, customer service is the most important concept and must be understood when creating a new type of service. The entire existence of the business is based on how to make the client satisfied. Intelligence Office created a multi-functional type of customer service for business people.

This type of service will require specific observation techniques that are uniquely designed around the company. Intelligence Office used unique nuances in the above steps and showed how a company can use specific service needs as a nuance.Overview and Application of the IBDM to Strategy Innovation Explain the five steps of the Innovation Business Design Model (IBDM) as it relates to the business environment and SPPS.

Apply the IBDM in the creation of innovative business strategies. Overview and Application of the IBDM to Strategy Innovation Explain the unique nuances of innovative strategy development as it relates to the IBDM.

Explain the five steps of the Innovation Business Design Model (IBDM) as it relates to the business environment and SPPS. Assume your The Coca Cola Company has made a strategic decision to become more innovative. Identify unknown problems and unmet opportunities before you develop an innovative strategy to address them..

Follow the Innovation Business Design model (IBDM) five-step roadmap that follows. 1. The issues related to good business model design are all interrelated, and lie at the core of the Business Models, Business Strategy and Innovation.

Long Range Planning, vol 43 8 Business Models, Business Strategy and Innovation. Business Models. Business Model Design and Innovation for Competitive Advantage 1. Management Competitive Advantage through Business Model Design & Innovation Guadalajara, June Alexander Osterwalder, PhD [email_address] 2.

change is the process by which the future invades our lives -> Alvin Toffler 3. A company can use an approach such as Innovation Business Design Model (IBDM) a five-step roadmap when applied the steps to create a service innovation proposal.

IBDM defines what service means to a company, it gives a description of how a company such as an Intelligent Office use the five-step roadmap for service innovation to assist with .

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