Saral transfer paper

It makes clean, crisp tracings that can be erased and painted over. It can be inked or painted over with no skipping or bleeding.

Saral transfer paper

Drawing freehand, or with a grid. Most artists are familiar with transfer papers, too. Carbon paper is still available, and can be used to transfer drawings from one surface to another.

Commercial transfer papers have also been designed specifically for artists. Saral Transfer Paper is probably the most recognized name for transfer papers.

It comes in rolls and is available in an assortment of colors, including white for artwork on darker papers.

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But there are other brands and types, as well. The benefit of most commercial transfer papers is that they can be used more than once. If you want to make your own as well, then read on!

Saral transfer paper

I prefer pound ink jet paper. It takes a lot of graphite and is heavy enough to be used many times. Whatever your preferences, choose a paper that is available in larger sizes. Ink jet paper can be purchased in standard 8.

Those sizes are more than adequate for most of my work. Graphite Pencils You might think that the softer the lead you use, the better. Well, depending on how you want to use the paper, you could be right! The nice thing about this type of transfer paper is that smudges are fairly easy to clean up with a kneaded eraser, no matter how soft the pencil you use.

Try a few different softnesses and see what works best for you. Making your graphite transfer paper Shade one side of the paper with several layers of graphite. You might be tempted to use a fixative of some type to keep the graphite from smudging.

Saral transfer paper

Even workable fixative reduces the usefulness of the transfer paper, and most varnishes will make it totally useless. The trick is to store your homemade transfer paper in pairs, with the transfer surfaces the sides covered with graphite facing each other.

I keep transfer papers in a file folder to keep them clean and flat. Larger sheets can be rolled—again face to face—or stored flat in the same manner. With careful storage, a sheet of homemade transfer paper can last for months or even years.

Plus, if you want to add color. Just substitute the graphite pencil with the colored pencil of your choice. Use a soft pencil like Prismacolor Premiers in order to get a decent transfer line. Transfer papers made with a colored pencil will not be suitable for artwork that you plan to finish with graphite or charcoal, since colored pencils are either wax- or oil-based and will resist layering with graphite or charcoal.

They may also not be suitable for use under oil paintings. If used carefully, however, they can be just as useful as a graphite transfer sheet or—for that matter—as any commercial transfer paper.

Whether you use graphite or colored pencil, making your own transfer paper is definitely a time- and money-saver! Give it a shot!10 rows · Saral® Transfer Paper is wax free transfer paper (also known as graphite paper or tracing .

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Home | Art | Pantone | Sign | Info. Copyright Hyatt's Graphic Supply Co., Inc. Main St., Buffalo, NY , Please Note: All prices. I very rarely use tracing paper but when I do, I use only Saral. Peggy Lionberger said (7/14/02 AM) Carrie - I have recently started using "tracing paper" and a non-serrated tracing wheel again after years using chalk or thread marking.

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Use Saral like carbon paper to transfer, trace a design or sketch to another surface—any kind of paper, wood, glass, acetate, metal, cloth—anything. White for reverse work, non-photo blue for key lines, mechanical and paste-ups, yellows for reverse work on metal, red on /5(20).

Saral transfer rolls are wax-less, non-toxic, and do not contain acid. The paper allows you to transfer your design from a sketch, pattern, template or by hand to any surface For tracing or transferring designs to surfaces to be painted, stitched, carved, etc.

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