Reading writing arithmetic hickory sticks

What the heck kind of name is that for a bookstore? I am so impressed with bookstores with this kind of longevity. To paraphrase what Fran told me, bookstores must continue to renew in order to stay relevant.

Reading writing arithmetic hickory sticks

It's a very insightful and entertaining read about the life of Claude Shannon, the father of information theory.

reading writing arithmetic hickory sticks

I highly recommend it. Throughout the book, Shannon's playfulness is emphasized. He built a chess computer and a juggling robot with the face of W.

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He was adept himself at juggling while riding a unicycle. But I was stopped in my tracks when I encountered this passage: He had a flair for the dramatic and the artistic; we see it in the flaming trumpet, Theseus the mouse, a flagpole hand-carved out of an oversize tree on his property; the juggling clowns he built to exacting specifications.

Shannon's admirers are just as quick to compare him to M. He turned arid and technical sciences into vast and captivating puzzles, the solving of which was play of the adult kind.

Shannon's enjoyment seems sui generis.

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But perhaps his example can still remind us of the vast room for lightness in fields usually discussed in sober tones. These days it's rare to talk about math and science as opportunities to revel in discovery.

We speak, instead, of their practical benefits -- to society, the economy, our prospects for employment. STEM courses are the means to job security, not joy. Studying them becomes the academic equivalent of eating your vegetables -- something valuable, and state sanctioned, but vaguely distasteful" Wow.

But in more general terms, are we depriving our students of a more liberal education on the altar of national competitiveness? I was very lucky to have attended a small liberal arts college.

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Even though I majored in Physics, I was also steeped in arts and literature. I still struggle with NYTimes crossword clues regarding the Greek classics and Shakespeare plays, however.Jun 20,  · What are the words to the song "reading and writing and arithmetic taught to the tune of a hickory stick"Status: Resolved.

Jun 06,  · Taught to the tune of a hickory stick Well, folks, I’m doing it – I’m taking a class.

reading writing arithmetic hickory sticks

That doesn’t sound nearly as exciting as it might have sounded back in the 30’s when people would mail order for correspondence classes on radio or the typewriter or something.

Jun 20,  · What are the words to the song "reading and writing and arithmetic taught to the tune of a hickory stick" the title of this may be the school song. We used to have to sing this when we were children going to small one room school house in the farm country of western Resolved.

Feb 03,  · Reading and writing and 'rithmetic. Taught to the tune of a hickory stick. The Golden Rule in the song was apparently a ruler and not a formula for promoting the common good.

Golden Rule days Reading and writing and ‘rithmetic all to the sound of a hickory stick My grandmother was born in For her generation, the “school days” song was an Reading, writing and arithmetic facts are scattered across the Montessori Elementary Education is Different - What Children Study and what children do.

Aug 28,  · "Reading, writing, arithmetic, taught to the tune of a hickory stick." Thanks to the vision of two school teachers, the original owners, we can credit them for this wonderful gift and iconic bookstore that serves the people in the Washington, CT community.

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