Marketing and mysore sandal soap

Save Detergents A detergent is a surfactant or a mixture of surfactants with cleaning properties in dilute solutions. In most household contexts, the term detergent by itself refers specifically to laundry detergent or dish detergentas opposed to hand soap or other types of cleaning agents. Detergents are commonly available as powders or concentrated solutions. Detergents, like soaps, work because they are amphiphilic:

Marketing and mysore sandal soap

Tuesday, October 31, Mysore Sandal Soap: Mysore Sandal Soap Company: This soap wi th a history dating from has survived in a market which is witnessing cut throat competition. Mysore Sandal Soap is manufactured by the Public sector company: Although this is a product from public sector, the brand has been able to create a unique place in the Indian consumer's mind.

Mysore Sandal Soap is made from pure sandal oil distilled in the state government's factory and the soap is devoid of any animal fat. Mysore sandal has the distinction of being the world's only soap with pure and real sandal oil.

The sandal range has four products: The brand can be said to be a niche brand in the premium soap category. According to the media reports, even the company officials feel that the brand has the potential to be a Rs crore brand but since the resources for brand building and some laidbacknes has limited the growth of this brand.

The TG of this brand is right now 40 year olds with majority of consumers in the southern state of TamilNadu. The brand typically faces the problem that all heritage brands faces, that is to stay relevant to the new generation.

Mysore Sandal is facing the issue that its loyal users are getting older and the new generations are moving to more visible brands. It roped in an unusual brand ambassador MS Dhoni to endorse the soap. The purpose was to make the brand attractive to the new generation.

Marketing and mysore sandal soap

But whether Dhoni and Mysore sandal will fit is something to be seen. It will take some innovative marketing campaigns to merge the two different personalities: The current campaigns are ordinary which just shows Dhoni endorsing the brand.

This is a brand that does not need a model to endorse but what it needs is tonnes of marketing support interms of advertising campaigns in other words lots of money. The brand has a huge brand equity and recall. Those who have used this brand will vouch for its quality and fragrance.

I would say that the potential of brand is such that it should look for extensions into perfumes and Deos. The brand is primarily seen a south Indian brand and to have a pan Indian presence calls for some serious investment. I feel that with a superior product like thisevery penny spent on this brand will be worthwhile.Mysore Sandal Soap Gms.

Posted by admin September 30, Leave a comment on Mysore Sandal Soap Gms. AN INTRODUCTION (Mysore Sandal Soap - The Brand): MARKETING Mysore Sandal Soaps are manufactured using Sandalwood Oil extracts.

this condition held true for several retail chemist outlets as well. Furthermore. The sole and singular distinct image that the consumers had in their mind with regards to Mysore Sandal Soap was the original Mysore.

Jan 06,  · Special mention: Mysore Sandal Soap Before Dhoni was the phenomenon he is today, he started off as a simple and determined cricketer from Ranchi, Jharkhand.

One of his signature trademark looks. Jul 30,  · Mysore Sandal Soap soon garnered a cult following worldwide and even Queen Victoria rated it as her favourite skincare product.

Marketing and mysore sandal soap

The soap’s secret lay in its simple formula – a faultless blend of pure vegetable ingredients and natural sandalwood oil. Mysore Sandal Soap is a brand of soap manufactured by the Karnataka Soaps and Detergents the Indian cricketer was selected as the first brand ambassador of the Mysore Sandal soap.

Other marketing strategies being employed to market this soap include a scheme where the distributors who meet the targeted sales could enter a .

Mysore Sandal Soap is a pure Herbal Soap. It is premium Bath soap which contains Sandal wood extracts in it. It has no other chemical or ingredients in it.

It is pure Sandal based product and is full of the benefits of Sandal. Without any harsh or irritating effect, it keeps skin healthy by protecting it from bacteria and rashes.

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