Female genital mutilation essay

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Female genital mutilation essay

Like when a man tries to lecture a woman on how her own reproductive system works, or about the challenges she faces as a woman in the workplace, etc.

The problem, however, is that the term has become so overused in almost any situation to the point that it has lost its usefulness, as now it seems it has come to mean just any time a man tries to explain something and a woman is inconvenienced.

A cheap shut-down and attempt at dismissal. She wins by virtue of having a vagina. The term can also be used by a male trying to assert his feminism, in order to dismiss any man daring to challenge a woman.

There may be ulterior motives for a man trying to come off as "feminist. Recently on twitter, one Dr. Jennifer Gunther roused the ire of intactivists by making idiotic statements about male circumcision.

Apparently she is in favor of it, citing all the usual tripe.

Female genital mutilation essay

But when intactivists start challenging her on it, she starts blocking them. Your Opinion of It Is Not" with the saucy subtitle: You are a Dr. What kind of Dr. Do not do that. First and foremost, the irony of having a woman explain male anatomy and circumcision to males seems to escape him.

And third, yes, doctors have a professional responsibility dispense factually correct information, preferably within the purview of their field of expertise. What is it called when a woman who neither has a penis, nor is circumcised, attempts to dictate what the experience of either circumcised sex will be?

Real cute of Mr. Michael Busch to try and play the mansplaining card to try and silence and dismiss intactivists. Jen can talk about her vagina, then I can talk about my dick. Circumcision concerns male genitals, something Dr.

Gunter does not have and whose field of expertise does not concern. I have a penis. Of all people I am entitled to talk. Not a man, not even a medical expert on male genitalia.

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When a woman lectures intact men about their uncircumcised penises, how "dirty" they are, how much more difficult it is for them to stay clean, prevent diseases etc. Here are other terms I think should make the English lexicon:Shocking figures reveal 92 per cent of married women in Egypt have suffered female genital mutilation Figure relates to women aged 15 to 49 and is even higher in.

female genital mutilation, female circumcision. One interpretation of this passage is that the woman was going to proceed with the circumcision anyway; Muhammad suggested that she remove a smaller amount of her genitalia than she had perhaps intended to.

I don’t want to delve into genital-cutting though, you can see my show for that. I’m writing this to convey my thanks for your support in helping . Female Circumcision and the Politics of Knowledge: African Women in Imperialist Discourses [Obioma Nnaemeka] on attheheels.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Heated debates about and insurgencies against female circumcision are symptoms of a disease emanating from a mindset that produced hierarchies of humans. References used: The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay.

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