Effectiveness of games as a supplementary

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Effectiveness of games as a supplementary

The review applies consistent inclusion standards to focus on studies that met high methodological standards. A total of 20 studies based on about 7, students in grades K—6 were included in the final analysis.

Four major categories of education technology are reviewed: These tutorial educational technology applications use small-group interaction tightly integrated with reading curriculum.

The Fast ForWord program. This program supplements traditional CAI with software designed to retrain the brain to process information more effectively through a set of computer games that slow and magnify the acoustic changes in normal speech.

Among the four types of educational technology applications reviewed, small-group integrated applications such as Lindamood Phoneme Sequence Program and Read, Write, and Type produced the largest effect sizes, but these were mostly small studies, which tend to overstate program impacts.

Supplementary models, such as Jostens, had a larger number of studies and a more modest effect size. Comprehensive models and the Fast ForWord program did not produce meaningful positive effect sizes.

However, the results of these two categories of programs should be interpreted with extreme caution due to the small number of studies involved.


Full Report Cheung, A. A Best Evidence Synthesis.About the Effectiveness of ESRB Ratings. How effective is the rating system? Do parents trust and use it? According to an ESRB-commissioned survey conducted by Hart Research Associates in February , 86% of parents with children who play video games are aware of the rating system and 73% say they regularly check the rating before buying computer and video games for their children.

Effectiveness of games as a supplementary

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