Chatroulette love story

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Chatroulette love story

Sam Anderson, in New York Magazin e, takes on ChatRoulette, that strange new site that connects you, via webcam, with a stream of strangers: The site was only a few months old, but its population was beginning to explode in a way that suggested serious viral potential: Although big media outlets had yet to cover it, smallish blogs were full of huzzahs.

The site activates your webcam automatically; when you click "start" you're suddenly staring at another human on your screen and they're staring back at you, at which point you can either choose to chat via text or voice or just click "next," instantly calling up someone else.


The result is surreal on many levels. Early ChatRoulette users traded anecdotes on comment boards with the eerie intensity of shipwreck survivors, both excited and freaked out by what they'd seen.

There was a man who wore a deer head and opened every conversation with "What up DOE!? Someone with a guitar was improvising songs for anyone who'd give him a topic.

One man popped up on people's screens in the act of fornicating with a head of lettuce. Others dressed like ninjas, tried to persuade women to expose themselves, and played spontaneous transcontinental games of Connect Four. Occasionally, people even made nonvirtual connections: One punk-music blogger met a group of people from Michigan who ended up driving eleven hours to crash at his house for a concert in New York.

And then, of course, fairly often, there was this kind of thing: You can probably tell where this story is headed: ChatRoulette, of course, proves to be a profound disappointment. Anderson doesn't meet the Whitmanesque masses, but is instead rejected by a slew of surly teenagers and online weirdos: I entered the fray on a bright Wednesday afternoon, with an open mind and an eager soul, ready to sound my barbaric yawp through the webcams of the world.

I left absolutely crushed. It turns out that ChatRoulette, in practice, is brutal. The first eighteen people who saw me disconnected immediately. They appeared, one by one, in a box at the top of my screen--a young Asian man, a high-school-age girl, a guy lying on his side in bed--and, every time, I'd feel a little flare of excitement.

Every time, they'd leave without saying a word. Sometimes I could even watch them reach down, in horrifying real-time, and click "next. My first even semi-successful interaction was with a guy with a blanket draped over his lap who asked if I wanted to "jack of" with him.

I declined; he disconnected. There are two things to say about ChatRoulette. The first is that it exploits a pretty fundamental reward mechanism in the brain, which we've known about since Pavlov: It turns out that predictable rewards get boring rather quickly, as the brain adapts to new stimuli.

Are you still excited about your Christmas presents? You've been designed to be ungrateful. Human interaction, of course, is pretty damn predictable.

The ducks in the bathroom are not mine.

We've got elaborate rituals for dealing with strangers, thus minimizing the chance of a surprising interaction. Have a nice day.

Chatroulette love story

So they probably won't surprise us, either. The end result is that our social exchanges become tedious and rote.Aug 15,  · ManyCam is awesome. Especially for ChatRoulette. So many ways to mess with people it's not even funny. Especially with some of the stuff that I have (non-porn but still freaking hilarious).

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(CBS) - Stop what you're doing and watch this video right now! It starts with a guy and girl on Chatroulette talking for a bit and then the guy begins to sing a little song to her.

John Christopher Reilly est un acteur, producteur et scénariste américain, né le 24 mai à Chicago. Chatroulette is an online chat website that allows users to have random webcam-based conversations with anyone in the world.

Their love story comes after an unhappy adolescence for Christina.

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