Black belt essays tang soo do

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Black belt essays tang soo do

Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin Rank and date of rank: Something your hand touched some way so your soul has somewhere to go when you die. It doesn't matter what you do, so long as you change something from the way it was before you touched it into something that's like you after you take your hands away.

Black belt essays tang soo do

He believed that the true value of martial arts training is in its application to everyday life. Martial arts were formally considered a male dominated activity. In the past, martial arts training were not welcoming to women, small children and older adults. Today at any given Dan test, we see a similar number of men and women testing.

The ages of the candidates can range from less than 10 to greater than 60 years old.

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This diversity can also be seen at the Master rank. Today in WTSDA studios around the world students of all ages, abilities and backgrounds are welcomed. Grandmaster Shin has taught us the importance of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of martial arts training.

He expanded what was expected from martial artists while maintaining the traditional aspects of Tang Soo Do. Dan testings require mastery of physical techniques as well as a written test and essay on some aspect of Tang Soo Do.

The importance of "giving back" was demonstrated in the creation of the World Tang Soo Foundation to support charitable causes and scholarships. He created a unique organization to bring out the best in everyone.

His influence can be seen throughout the building. He was instrumental in the overall design and many of the details right down to the ribbon used for the dedication.

However, Grandmaster Shin's true legacy can be seen in our everyday lives and the application of the Tang Soo Do codes and tenets. Grandmaster Shin led by example. He encouraged us to make that "one more time" count. Not only did he want us to train hard to be better martial artists and better teachers but more importantly better individuals.

He genuinely enjoyed connecting with people around the world and making them part of his family. Grandmaster Shin is and always will be an inspiration to all of us. He will be missed very much. Below is a reprint of an article written by Grandmaster Shin in for a Master's Profile.

At the Threshold of a New Millenium Where We Stand in the Martial Arts by Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin Many martial arts schools have changed the way they teach their students because they presume there is little use for old-fashioned traditions in today's fast paced world.

Yet Tang Soo Do, a traditional martial art with a history spanning nearly years, has endured into the present day relatively unchanged, even though civilization, politics and the world economy have varied drastically during this period.For me I am always very proud when people say they do karate or something and I can say that I do Soo Bahk Do because Soo Bahk Do is special and it is not just about fighting there is an art to it and it is as if it is almost a dance.

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Test questions for 1st. Dan Testing Words. Question: What does my Tang Soo Do Training mean to me? WTSDA Region #2 Black Belt Testing Requirements Rev.

1 (2/25/09) Page 2 g. World Tang Soo Do Foundation: Building Fund Donation Form (minimum One (1) Brick. Without Tang Soo Do, the only pressure I usually have is school, but because I make all A’s, the pressure is little.

Karate allows me to get balance for my body. It was during this time that I found out that I could jump really high and I could kick over my head. This is what Tang Soo Do means to me. WHAT BEING A BLACK BELT MEANS TO ME.

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