Aztecs society

What was ancient Aztec art and culture like? What about the Aztec religion? And the legendary Aztec sacrifices? The Aztec Empire was peopled by a group that was once nomadic, the Mexicas.

Aztecs society

Aztec Social Structure

However, their emperor, Montezuma II, did not have a firmly organized empire. When vassal tribes or cities revolted, he had no governors or standing armies to control them. He had to reconquer them. This weakness in government helped the Spaniards conquer the warlike Aztecs in about two years.

Cortez was aided throughout his campaign by rebellious tribes. When they invaded the region, they took over the culture of earlier, advanced peoples— the Toltecs, Mayas, Zapotecs, and others.

Early Aztec History

The barbarian Aztecs came to Mexico in about AD Religion was the great controlling force in Aztec life. In architecture and sculpture they gave their best efforts to building and decorating huge temples.

They had picture writing, hieroglyphics, and number symbols with which they recorded religious events and historic annals. They had learned from the Mayas how to determine the solar year accurately. With this knowledge their priests kept an exact solar calendar. An almanac gave dates for fixed and movable festivals and listed the various deities who held sway over each day and hour.

Soldiers guarded the traders, and troops of porters carried the heavy loads, for the Aztecs had no pack animals. Their chief produce included corn, beans, peppers, squash, alligator pears, tomatoes, tobacco, cotton, and turkeys.

Trade was carried on by barter, since the Aztecs had not invented money.

Aztecs society

Change could be made in cacao beans. Life in the Capital The Aztecs used their wealth and power to provide a brilliant life in their capital.

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Montezuma lived in a splendid palace. He was surrounded by his nobles and served by thousands of slaves. In the palace grounds were beautiful gardens and menageries. The city streets and palace walls were scrubbed dazzlingly white by sweating slaves.

Bridges carried the streets over the network of canals which laced the city. An aqueduct brought drinking water from Chapultepec, a rocky height nearby. Strange floating islands fringed the oval main island. They were made of mud dredged up from the lake bottom, supported on a network of branches and water grass.

At first, the farmers could tow them with canoes. Then, as trees sent down roots, they became permanent island farms, called chinampas. Farmers lived in wattle-and-daub huts on these islands.Ancient Aztec Society Excerpt from Britannica Online: [T]he Aztecs ruled the area from the Gulf of Mexico to the Cordilleras and southward into present-day Guatemala.

However, their emperor, Montezuma II, did not have a firmly organized empire. The Aztecs, like the Mayans, believed that the universe had been started five times and cone to an end four times; these five times were called a Sun.

The first was Four Ocelot (because it began on the date called Four Ocelot). Aztec society was clearly stratified and had many levels, but the common bonds of perpetual warfare and an ever-present religion ensured a sophisticated and functional social apparatus was created which was both cohesive and inclusive.

Feb 21,  · 10 Fascinating Facts About the Aztecs. Gregory Myers February 21, Share 1K. Stumble Tweet. Pin +1 It was not at all uncommon in Aztec society for someone who was poor to sell their own children into slavery. Not only that, . Aztec Society Learning about the Aztecs society was really interesting experience.

Aztecs society

They believed in being independent and had a really well-ordered out existence. In fact the most impressive attribute I found was the idea of free education for all irrespective of the class the children belonged to.

In Aztec society, warriors, priests, and the nobility were considered to be among the most respected in the Aztecan social hierarchy Because of the Aztecs' emphasis on warfare, the warrior class was highly valued, and often warriors would volunteer for the most important Aztec sacrificial rituals.

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